Professor Sue Zibeland

Professor Sue Ziebland

Professor Sue Ziebland

Sue Ziebland is a University Reader in Qualitative Health Research and research director of the Health Experiences Research Group, based in the Department of Primary Health Care. She is also a research fellow at Green Templeton College.

Sue’s background is in medical sociology, with increasing focus on qualitative research approaches. Since completing her MSc in Social Research Methods Sue has worked as a researcher in the academic, NHS and voluntary sectors and has published over 100 papers and chapters in social science and health publications. Sue was invited (by Ann McPherson) to be involved in the DIPEx (now Healthtalkonline) projects when it was still at the kitchen table stage – back in 1999. She spent a considerable (and perhaps not surprising) amount of 1999 getting the projects through a national research ethics committee. Since then Sue has worked closely with colleagues in the research group, on the steering group and DIPEx charity to develop the methods used in the projects and raise funding for the research.

Sue’s other research interests include people’s use of the internet for health information and qualitative research methods (which she teaches at various levels).

In 2010 she has started a 5 year NIHR programme on the use of patients’ experiences on the internet, working with some splendid colleagues in Warwick, Northumbria, Sheffield and Stirling as well as Oxford.

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