Improving person-centred care for people with LTCs

In seeking to achieve better management of long-term conditions, policy-makers have stressed the need to give patients greater choice and control over their care. The government wants shared decision-making to become the norm, with patients being fully informed and involved in their care, expressing their concerns and preferences, and making decisions in partnership with health professionals. This approach is central to the Chronic Care Model, at the heart of which is an informed, activated patient supported by a well-prepared, proactive practice team working together to produce and implement a personalised care plan.

Aims and methods

Strand 1: Personalised care planning for people with long-term conditions

We will undertake a Cochrane Review covering relevant initiatives and policies, assessing evidence about impact and effectiveness.

The project would aim to:

  • Collate evidence on the impact and likely outcomes of personalised care planning to enhance involvement and self-management.
  • Identify the effects on people from disadvantaged groups and those with multiple chronic conditions, and assess the likely impact on health inequalities.
  • Seek evidence to inform implementation of these policies, including any barriers that must be overcome and any factors that might enhance the likelihood of success.
  • Identify existing or new methods for monitoring performance and outcomes in relation to patient engagement and self-management of long-term conditions.
  • Identify gaps in knowledge about what works, and determine priorities for further research.Service utilisation and costs.


The study will involve a systematic review of randomised controlled trials. We will search for studies where the evaluation of interventions to promote personalised care planning is an explicit goal.

Cochrane methods will be followed for identifying, selecting, and analysing the data.

Timing and Outputs

The work is ongoing through Phase II. The planned outputs are:

  • Protocol published in Cochrane Library (completed)
  • Database of included studies and outcomes
  • Draft report
  • Paper(s) submitted to peer-reviewed journal(s)

The review will be a substantial piece of work leading to peer-reviewed publication, but the timing is subject to decisions about the scale and format of review.

Research Team

Angela Coulter, Abi Eccles, Sara Ryan, Vikki Entwistle, Sasha Shepperd, Rafael Perera Salazar

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