Measuring outcomes in social care, Ann Netten (2011)

Guest speaker for seminar at the Institute for Social Policy & Research Institute for Economics of Aging, University of Vienna, Austria 9 May 2011

Social care services, which include care and support in private households and care homes, are concerned with primarily with compensating for the effects of health states on individuals rather than changes in those health states.  The Adult Social Care Outcome Toolkit (ASCOT) provides a variety of techniques to capture the outcomes of such services. The ASCOT measure is intended to provide a utility index that reflects eight domains of social care related quality of life.  The presentation will cover:

  • The conceptual underpinnings and nature of the measure
  • General population and service user social care related quality of life
  • General population and service user preferences and scoring the measure
  • Interest in and current use of ASCOT

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